How to live a life Victoriously

All of us dream to live a better life, yet too often we settle for simply surviving the challenges that come our way in this fallen world. If you are trying to get by in life, remember that Jesus has promised us to live a life victoriously. All of us can experience this kind of life regardless of our circumstances when we trust the Godhead to help us to develop it. Here is how to live victoriously.

Receive God’s, powerful love

The love of God is the essence of who God is, and his love is far more powerful than any circumstances or feelings. We can count on God loving us completely and unconditionally at all times and in all situations. His love is a free gift to us, so we don’t need to try to earn it. There is definitely nothing can separate us from God’s love, so we can’t ever lose it. To receive God’s loved to open your soul every day for him.

Trust God’s goodness during tough times

One character of Lord is his goodness, that we can rely on him in any situation. Include a regular prayer and worship into your daily life, so you can stay closely connected with Lord. By maintaining God’s goodness at the forefront of your mind. When challenges come, bring your problems to God expecting that God will intervene to help you solve them. At the right time and in the right ways, keep in mind that God is always at work in your life. Rest assured that something good can happen in you even when trouble is happening to you. Appeal to God to achieve good purpose in your life. God uses even the worst circumstances in your life to bring about good when you trust him to do so. 

Change your mind by changing your life

By renewing your mind daily by spending time reading, studying, meditating and applying the Word of God, the Bible. As you get to know the Bible, the more it will impact your attitudes, that will help you make a wise decision. Then, it will lead you to an abundant life. Before you start reading the Bible, ask God to help you know and love him more through what you read. Ask him to help you be and do what he wants, as he calls you through his word. Believe that God to change you from the inside out as you interact with him through the bible.

Understand what you have and who you are in Christ

Keep in mind that as a Christian you are righteous, a holy saint, and forgiven completely for your sins. You have many benefits to enjoy such as peace and joy that come from your connection to  the Creator. These are wonderful gifts of God that we need to fully open by making sure that your motives, actions, and words line up with God’s truth. Keep in mind that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, there are only blessings that you need to simply receive into your life with gratitude.

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