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Picking the right Tile Contractor for your kitchen project

Builders, contractors, Tradespeople Were Here for You! – New Metro Tiles is among the biggest contractors provide warehouses in LA for:

grout – thinset tile, thin set mortar, setting substances – tile saws: store saw, portable saw, wet saw, vinyl wet saw – vinyl board, vinyl backer, cement backer, hardie plank – flooring tile materials – shower wall cloths, EZ Niches – gear for vinyl: vinyl cutters, diamond blades, spacers, leveling spacers – We stock a whole warehouse full of tools and supplies for Builders and Contractors. Our St Louis warehouse carries all you will need for quality tile installation from tile saws and tile cutters, into cement, thinset, backer board, grout, saw blades and vinyl components.

We feature Custom Building Products and maintain a large supply of their grout colours in stock. We carry only top quality brands of construction supplies for sale to contractors, architects, designers, homeowners, and DIY ers including: Custom Building Products – MK Diamond Products – Alpha Cutting Systems – Pearl Abrasive – Pasco Specialty & Mfg., Inc. Alpinebay, Inc.

In addition, we have onsite delivery. Call us for pricing on contractor and tile materials. We’re here to help. Communication is a gorgeous thing, especially when you work with a quality company like kitchen remodeling St Louis. Please don’t hesitate to consult us to learn whether the material you need is in stock, and to confirm all sizing, dimensions, and order details.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. We’d like to be certain your order of tile provides is simply right. Have them measure and accounts for sizing and footage. All substances operate a tiny bit different in size, thickness, and vary in accessibility of trim, bullnose, and fitting accent pieces.

If you’re a DIY-er, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you can have about any part of the vinyl selection, ordering, or installation process.